Customer Reviews

-Michelle & Bentley
Courtney is the best dog trainer by far! After 4 failed attempts with pervious dog trainers I found Courtney. My 1 year old golden retriever struggled to listen to commands, chew house hold items,counter surf in the kitchen, and tug way too hard on leash walks. My first meeting with Courtney I knew right away she was different than previous trainers. She listened to each and every concern I had, and was so sweet and non-judgmental which is what I struggled to find in a trainer. Courtney set up a plan for Bentley, her and I to work with and each session we got him to learn at least one thing to check off our list. Bentley now does not jump on guests that come in the house, goes straight to his kennel/bed on command, stays, comes and knows to stand at my side when told. Bentley absolutely loved Courtney and had full trust in her like I did. If you want a dog trainer who will shape your pup into the obedient dog you’ve been wanting Courtney’s the trainer to go to! She truly has a gift as a trainer!
-Mary & Bear
Courtney is wonderful! She’s reliable, realistic with her training goals and very trustworthy. My puppy and senior dog adore her. Highly recommend her for training and pet-sitting services.
-Angel & Ghost
Courtney is personable, knowledgeable and reliable. I was so impressed with how quickly my GSD took to her!
-Karen & Anthony
After just one meeting with Courtney we’ve gotten some great tips and already have Holly walking so much better on the leash. Can wait to see what the future holds for this relationship!!